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Digitized forms create a standard of care and can be accessed from a computer/tablet/mobile 24x7:

  • PAC Form

  • Custom consent

  • Review PAC

  • Intra-op form

  • Post-operative recovery score

  • Centralized dashboard access for administrators and HODs

  • Custom consent with a risk matrix for 10 risk factors

    • For the patient

    • For the surgery, the patient is undergoing

    • For the type of Anesthesia 

  • Custom algorithm on backend that calculates the risk based on the patient's medical history from the PAC


Risk Matrix and Consent

Data Extraction

  • Automated data extraction from monitoring devices

  • Select the parameters and time interval to monitor

  • View live data updates

  • Data stored in a database

    • Thesis for students

    • Research​

    • History

    • Machine learning/AI training

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